Sunday, March 04, 2007

10 Million

Damn those 2 lucky souls who striked Toto.

Why them?!

Whatever have they done to deserve that cold hard cash.

It's not like they're holy monks or some do-gooder superhero.

*sour grapes*

What can they do with that money anywayz.

I'm sure they wouldn't donate it to charity or help the unfortunate.

They'll keep it for themselves.

They will simple SPLURGE on their worthless selves.

And closed ones will start to fight over who gets how much.

And suddenly, they will find that they have a lot of 'friends'.

*very very sour grapes*

... ... if I had striked Toto... ...

The first thing I'll do... ... is... ...

... CONTINUE to bring myself to work.

Then I'll donate some of the money to the various children's homes & old folks' homes.

why to the children and the old foogies?

cuz these are the times where you make the 1st few steps that will determine the quality of your life... and the last few steps that you will live out your life...

And of course, I'll give a part of it to my family.

Use another part of the money to spend it on the people who have been genuinely good to me.

... goddamn I'm so nice & generous...

Invest the rest.

And be relieved that I am self-sufficient for the rest of my life.

I'm such a simple person even I can't stand myself.

I will not get a nice luxurious car.

Nor move into a big chic-looking house.

I am not going to buy material stuff like LVs and clothes and shoes.

However, I might consider getting a boob job. Heyyyyy... dun look at me like that. Every girl will think of getting a boob job sooner or later. If you have a small chest, you'll want to make it bigger. If you already have boobs, then you'll want to get a boob lift once it starts to sag sagggg sagggggggggg.

AND THEN, I might also go for that permanent hair removal treatment. Just cuz... I HATE BODY HAIR.

That's if... .... i HAD strike Toto.

But I didn't.


*extremely sour grapes*

Really lor...