Friday, April 27, 2007

Morphing Gni

My blog has no existence of pictures anymore.

It's just mindless words & constant droning on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about boring stuff that's happening in my life.


Am I getting old and lazy?

... omg! I can't believe I just said the forbidden 'O' word.

Have I lost my sense of humor & decided to be like every other matured adult?!

So, I'm 27 going on 28. But I always told my friends that we MUST NEVER LET THE FUN STOP! Then here I am, getting more concerned about silly responsibilites & proper human integrity.

How I wish it was 10 years back, when I was a carefree senseless person.

Looking back (gosh, am I about to reminisce about the past??... ... yes i am yes i am), me & my closest friends have done some incredulous stuff like:

1. Finding a severed finger at Pasir Ris Chalet & having AH BONG* (name changed to protect his identity) picked it up and thinking it was rubber until AH KIANG* knocked some sense into AH BONG & proofed that it was a finger, but it only looked like rubber cuz it had been separated from the human body.

2. Peed at the phone booth in Fort Canning & took a group photo with the yellow water.

3. Went to various so-called haunted places to seek cheap thrills & ended up scaring ourselves with (an almost) Twilight Zone moment.

4. Went to a fishing village in Malaysia & SOMEONE took a nekkid picture of SOMEONE who was doing his big business in the toilet.

5. Drank too much & puked too much, then went back to drink some more again.

6. Went to the East Coast beach & buried a friend underneath the sand, and made a nekkid sand body on top of her & squeezed her sand boobs while incriminating photos were taken during the ordeal.

7. Watched a friend's swimming trunk tear into half while he came down a slide in Big Splash (man, was that hilarious).

8. Seen a friend tried to do a stunt while coming down a slide in Big Splash & then somersaulted halfway, hit the slide & rendered unconscious until the ambulance came & took him away.

9. Went to visit a friend at his house, then SOMEBODY went to the fridge to grab something to drink and realized that he was drinking the friend's wife's breast milk.

10. Went to a restaurant in Hong Kong & ate some delicious 'Har Kaw', then realized that it was the meat of a foetus.

(O_O) !!!


Anyway, I have been to a dirty little pub (but I didn't know they sold girls there until it was too late) somewhere near Club Momo and on the menu, they sold some snacks.

On Item 2, one of its snacks is called,



I think they meant, "Luncheon Meat".

But in a dirty obsene place like that, I doubt they had made that mistake by accident.

Anyway, I have already decided.

I will regain my childish nature.

I have decided to quit my job & do nothing all day.

I will go out & hang out with my friends.

And I will not worry about the future anymore.

I will sponge off my family's fortune (or whatever they have left).

I want to be in Neverland.