Friday, December 08, 2006

Waiting for Food

Me & my colleagues at work got really sick of the prison food that they serve at Gul Circle.

It's tasteless.

It's boring.

The rice either tastes like dry grains or sticky chewy glutinous cakes.

The vegetables are old and greying (or yellowing).

The meat is hard and stale.

Therefore, we have decided to order... ... KFC!!!

Finally, something that humans can eat.

However, the lines doesn't open till 11am.

So we wait.

Then at 1100hrs, I called the delivery hotline.

And the customer service told me that we have to wait 90mins (1.5hrs) for the delivery to reach our place.

I was like, "WHAT?!"

And she was like, "yeah... becuz you guys are in Gul Circle. It's quite far and the store that is serving your location isn't open yet".

Then I was thinking, "which freakin store doesn't open at 11am?!?!"

But she didn't even offer to take my order first, so I thought I had to wait for the store to open before I can do that.

Major (-_-") bummer.

But I called again 2mins later, and another person picked up the call (this time, it was a guy). And he confirmed with me that we CAN order now. So, I was slightly irritated cuz the previous lady was just giving me the wrong signals.

But since I'm so nice, I didn't pursue the matter.

However, we still gotta wait 90mins for the food.

Our lunch hour is only 40mins. From 12.30pm to 1.10pm.

And I bet those KFCF (Kentucky Fried Chicken Farkers) will definitely be late.

Dilys said that by 12.15pm, if the delivery hasn't arrived, she will call and fark them upside down. Whoa. That's fierce. But Shivanan didn't call her CRUELLA DILYS for no reason.

*tick tick tick tick tick*

Soon, it was 12.15pm.

Our order really hasn't arrived.

People getting anxious now.

Dilys gave them a ring to hurry them. They said they were ON-THE-WAY (but of course, we all knew the KFCF were lying).

*tick tick tick tick tick*

Then it was 12.45pm.


Dilys getting pissed now (serious uh-oh here). And she made THE CALL. She sure gave them a piece of her mind.

And while she was at it, I did what I do best.


Here's a picture of Dilys on the phone & giving the KFCF a hard time. But the second she saw my camera pointing in her direction, she posed for the picture!!!

I took a picture of Shivanan, sitting at the receptionist desk & working on his Sudoku. I just don't understand why people feel that it's such a fun game. And yup. I caught him unaware when I took his picture... cuz this guy is so cute, but he just freezes up in front of the camera and will eventually fark-up the pic.

And here is........... THE LITTLE MASTER!!! Eugene is the smallest, cutest & funniest man-boy you have ever seen.

There was this one time when he walked from the Shipping Dept which is in another building & arrived at the Accounts Dept in SUPER quick time. And Shivanan was like, "how did you get here so fast?!"

Eugene simply replied with a seriously straight face, "oh. becuz I know kungfu, so I qing gong all the way here."

qing gong = the half-flying half-running stance. if you've watched mandarin movies filmed with kung fu masters who can cross the river by threading lightly on the water, you will know what i mean.

And from that moment on, Shivanan nicknamed him... THE LITTLE MASTER.

Finally the food arrived at 12.50pm.

We were so not happy with the FKFCF (Freakin Kentucky Fried Chicken Farkers).

My HR manager paid for the meal cuz she wanted to give us an early treat for Christmas. Yes. My boss is SO NICE & KIND!!! I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!

Anyway, we ate really quickly.

As expected, The Little Master finished his food before all of us did. Must be the kung fu.

Cruella Dilys made fun of everyone in her own usual picking-on-people style. Which was extremely funny, if you're not the victim of her jokes.

Shivanan ate his food using ALL his fingers + palm (yeah, i don't get the palm thing too). And Dilys just has this Obsessive Complusive Disorder where she cannot STAND to see dirty hands, so she kept asking Shivanan to clean them. And he, in turn, loves to torment her with his soiled fingers.

My colleagues are too funny.

I guess I'm lucky that way.

In all my previous jobs, I managed to find a few pals whom we can all get along with.

Fun at work = Motivation = Good Attendance = Not giving the boss any inconvenience due to my absence = Taken into consideration during Performance Appraisals = Better chance of getting an increment = More money to spend in the future = Job & Personal Satisfaction = A Better + Happier Life = Laugh more often = Secret to Staying Young + Looking Youthful


Just look at the benefits.