Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mind Reader

I swear my guy friend can tell the future.

Either that, or he has been seriously stalking me for a long long time.

After work, Jason* and I went out for dinner yesterday.

I was telling him that I will be meeting my group of ex-NYP friends and I was wondering what to wear.

... what?! don't look at me like that. i know it's not a date, but i haven't seen these ppl in 12 months already, ok?!


This is how it goes:

Jason: So when are we going to watch Saw III?

Me: I can't make it this week. Tomorrow (which is Thurs), I'll be meeting my poly friends for dinner in town. Then Friday, maybe going out with my colleagues for dinner. And Saturday, already arranged to meet my ex-colleagues for lunch. And Sunday, it's my family day (or rather it's an excuse to stay home and laze all day before a new week of work, but of course I don't tell him that).

Jason: AIYA YOUUUUU... everytime say busy busy busy... THEN WHEN?!?!

Me: wat??? I already said that this Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun I cannot make it. Oh. Plus next Tuesday, cuz I'm meeting my ex-colleagues for dinner. Again. So besides these days, the rest I'm available. You choose the day lah!

Jason: ... I choose ah. hmmm... ok. How about.... .... ahhh! *light bulb appears at the top of his head* Next Tuesday.


Jason: ... hmmm... ok lor. Then Thurs.

Me: WEI !!!

Jason: .... ... or Fri and this weekend also can.


Jason: ... AIYAAAA... then you ask me to CHOOSE!

Me: hmmm... I wonder what should I wear tmw at the poly gathering.

(Jason didn't even question the sudden change in topic. Apparently, he is already used to me having short attention spans & diverting from conversations even before it completely ended)

Me: hmmm.. wat shd I wear wat shd I wear?

*me visualizing a white top and green skirt for like 2 secs*

Jason: You will be wearing a white top.

Me: OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!?!?!?!?!

*both laughs hysterically*

Me: Can you guess which bottom I will be wearing?

Jason: Hmmm.... my favorite skirt. The green one.


*he starts laughing*

*me start whacking him on the arm*

Me: This is not funny anymore. HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!?! That's it, I will PURPOSELY NOT wear that attire. Hmmmm... let me think of something else to wear.

*me visualizing my black top from Phuture London*

Jason: Then you wear that top that we bought together from Phuture London lor.

Me: ... (-_O) !!!!... ... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


What is wrong with Jason?!

Can he read minds?

Can he see into the future?

Can he look back into the past?

Or has he been STALKING me for so long that he actually knows wat I'm thinking?!

Stay tuned for more incredible updates...