Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pervert on MSN

I have an account in Friendster.

I have pictures in it too.

And there are many reasons why people put their pics up in Friendster. Honestly, we all put pictures of us LOOKING GOOD. Who in the bloody hell will purposely put UGLY pictures of themselves for all to see (opps, I do have some incredibly goofy pics in there which I put up on purpose).

There are many reasons why ppl have a Friendster account with cool-looking pics.

Keeping in touch with friends
Finding friends whom you have lost touch with
Looking for love
Seeking for acceptance
To show yourself and others how good (bad) you can actually look
Simply becuz it's fun
Simply becuz everyone has an account, and so you think it's cool you have one too
... etc etc... and the list goes on and on

Sad to say, there are also PERVERTS who wants to make new 'friends' cuz they are moronic assholes who think that they can fool around with ppl.

- just becuz a person's pictures look spontaneous and fun, doesn't mean that they are looking for sex... and neither are they CHEAP.

I guess it's only human nature to judge a person at face value.

Though I admit that I joke a lot about kinky stuff and I know how to play & have fun, but that doesn't mean that I flirt or sleep around with any Ah Mao (cat) Ah Gou (dog).

This can be explained in very simple terms.

In this jokes & sleeping around context, there are exactly 4 types of categories in this world:

1st - people who are all talk, but no action
2nd - people who are no talk, and all action
3rd - people who are no talk and no action
4th - people who are all talk and all action

- I am in the 1st category

So if you think that you know all about me by just reading my blog or looking at my profile in Friendster or by viewing my pictures, then you are SO WRONG.

People are not always how they seem to be.

I just know how to joke about kinky stuff. Everyone laughs at the joke. The End.

Sorry to disappoint.

But yours truely here hasn't been getting any action (but i can't say how long or i'll have to terminate you).

Woe is me who is holy and pure and so very misunderstood.

And just to show you how disgusting men can be.

This is the MSN conversation.

And following that, this farker just doesn't get it and can even ask, "so how does a man turn you on? by licking your ear?"


It's like... I already have this super pissed off MSN pic and a freakin angry MSN nick, and this moron just goes on asking stupid questions.

I was already have such a freakin bad day and here comes this motherfarker to irritate me even further.

The need to kill somebody is even greater now.