Monday, December 18, 2006

Life is Merciful

My boss is the BEST.

She has agreed to let me change my Annual Leave into an MC day.

... if you dunno what I'm talking about, read about my Near-Death Experience HERE , you uncaring bastard... tsk tsk... so disappointed in you...


Life can never be better nor happier.

... no wait... actually life CAN be happier.

But alas, Happiness is like a butterfly - it only comes to you when you are not chasing it.

And I, Gni Lau, am a very impatient person.

I dun have the patience to be sitting around and waiting for butterflies.


Instead, I will run around wildly to try and catch it.

Then I get frustrated and increasingly infuriated.

Thus, grabbing a huge fly-swatter and swinging it around madly... ... ...

... ... ... tearing the butterfly into tiny powdery pieces.

*wild crazy rabid look*


Life is still good so far.

Cuz I haven't gotten my hands on a good fly-swatter yet.

Nor have I contracted rabies.