Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The End of Trying Times

"Listen to me. And listen hard.
I will care no more.
I detest fair-weathered people. And people who do not have loyalty. People who do not stick by me thru thick-and-thin. People who take advantage and take for granted the things that they have been given unconditionally.
I know you will regret one day.
I am sick of ass-kissers and boot-lickers. I have grown tired of people trying to be goody-2-shoes and betraying the one person who actually believed in them.
I will never be there when you need me anymore.
No more will I stand up for you.
No more will I fight for you.
I have grown to learn that I have been fighting your battles for you and fighting my own on my own.
Don't ever come to me asking for help nor comfort becuz I will provide no more.
I have done all I can for as long I can manage.
Everyday, I prayed to God to give me the strength to accept the things that I cannot change. And everytime I hold on tighter, I get more and more disappointed.
It seems like I'm the only one who cared for anything.
It seems like I'm the only one who genuinely cared.
I had known that soon, I will grow weary.
And truth be told, this day has arrived.
For each time, I look at your faces, I get sicker every minute.
Once I step out of the circle, I will never set foot inside again."

Read this from a book called - Last Words.

I somehow managed to relate to this.

The world is never kind enough to appreciate anything.

It's every man for himself.

Maybe it's time for me to do the same.