Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Right Words, Wrong Meanings

I have no idea why... but my group of friends are like... the most FUN & UNPREDICTABLE people to have around. We are always joking and laughing and playing and teasing... ... always inventing new & innovative ways to entertain ourselves, and thus, always having something funny to laugh about. You will never know when they are doing to do or say something that is so out of the world.

There are situations where people, sometimes, say the right things with the wrong meanings.

Situation 1

Me and my friend were at Jalan Kayu, having pratas & chicken curry.

I watched my friend struggle with the chicken wing in his mouth... and curry all over his face.

For the last 5 mins, he has been trying to separate the drumstick part and the wing part.

I watched in amazement.


He DID IT!!!


Friend: I knew that the moment I saw him, I had to break him (and yes, he gave a gender to the chicken).

Me: ... ... oh man... that sounds so damn gay...

Situation 2

Me & friend at a coffeeshop. My friend slurping enthusiastically on the tasteless salty veggie soup.

I watched in amazement.

He goes on.

I started to get bored.

He goes on.

Just when he was putting the spoon into his mouth again, I reached out and stop him... and I karate-chop the spoon onto the table.

Friend: ... aiyaaaaaa... why dun let me drink?

*picks up spoon to drink the tasteless soup again*

I laughed loudly at his persistent obsession with the disgusting soup.

Friend continues to slurp soup and points to another table: You go and sit over there...

I was shocked.

I mean... what did I do that was so wrong lor... *humph*

Before I can argue back with him,

Friend continues his sentence while slurping more soup: ... ... I want to smoke.

Then I realized that we were sitting in the non-smoking zone. And he actually pointed to the other table cuz it's the Smoker's Table.


Well, we'll be going to have more of these situations in the future.

I've already decided to blog every weird event, so that if I was to ever be down / depressed / senile, I can always read back and laugh and remember just how those good ole times were... and always will be.