Sunday, October 09, 2005


"When you're feeling trapped and the world doesn't stop to listen, you have nobody to talk to. You put it inside... you try to forget... but why does it get worse?"

Sometimes, I believe that certain things are better left unsaid. It's not that people should not talk about their feelings... but I'm thinking, "Why say it out when you know that the result will be even worse?"

So, we don't talk. But somehow, it feels bad... and you just feel this growing energy inside and you feel more and more frustrated. There has got to be some way to release that energy out to feel better, right??? RIGHT!!!

Ok... this is what the Bionic Woman (yes, that's me) does... and it may not be the BEST solution... but it's what I do... or DON'T do.



1. When you're feeling heartbroken, you must NEVER listen to sad love songs. It will only make you feel goddamn worse... and then you'll feel sorry for yourself. But not me. No no no... for me, I listen to EMINEM... yeah... that's the spirit... I listen to EMINEM... and I feel his anger... and when he talks about killing his ex-wife.. and raping his mother, I feel so much better... :O **oh gosh... that sounds so wrong**

2. When you're secretly in love with someone, don't just let it continue on. You're just going to feel terrible. So there's only 2 things that you can do... which is... (a) Tell the person... or (b) Let it go... ... ... hahahaha... good advice, right? For me, it is. And I choose (b). I'm not a brave person when it comes to confessing this kind of mushy mushy stuff... so I choose to let it go. Ask me to admit my mistake, I can still do it. But never ask me to say mushy stuff... ewwww... it's just NOT ME. So yeah... just let it go and move on!


1. Do something that will help you release all that emotional frustrations (eg: go gym, or kickboxing, etc). Yes yes... I go to the gym... (can hear some of you saying, "but you're sooooo thin already!"). Well... going to the gym can work out for different reasons mahhhhh... doesn't mean that it MUST be for slimming reasons. Or else... how did body builders get so big? Correct or not... hahahaha... I like going to the gym... it's a form of 'release' for me and on top of that, you also can get closer to a better-looking body.. hahahahahha... yah la yah la.. I'm vain. But seriously, sometimes, when I'm pissed at somebody... or when I'm feeling frustrated, I just feel like going out and start running VERY VERY VERY FAST... like I have to use up all that energy. Am I weird??? I dunno... but when I'm feeling angry or frustrated, I just feel like killing/beating/torturing something very badly... hahaha.. ok ok... dun be scared now, I'm not a psycho killer. Although I feel that my younger sister is scary (cuz she killed like... 8 hamsters), but I don't think the rest of my family members are born to kill.

2. Ok ok... I don't really encourage this Point #2, but I have to stress that this is what I do... and it doesn't mean that it the correct thing to do, ok?!?! Say OK!! Say it! Say it before you read further! ... *silence*... ok nvrmd... silence means consent. Ok. For me... I like piercings. I just feel that physical pain is so much better than emotional pain. And also, you have to spend time to take care of the wound... and when you're concentrating on making the wound better, you forget about feeling sad/angry. But this doesn't mean that I will go to the EXTREME... and pierce and pierce and pierce until I look like this:-

<--- ... holy mother of all nature... this is just some freaky shyte!!!