Friday, October 07, 2005

*wonder wonder*...

I read a book... and it says, "To have a fulfilling and healthy relationship, we must first be comfortable with ourselves & not be afraid of loneliness."

Sometimes, I wonder... why do we feel lonely? Why do we miss people? Is it becuz they are not around... or is it becuz you NEED them to be around?

I used to miss my ex-bf... but then I realized that I only miss him out of habit... becuz I was too used to having him around and it just feels weird that he is gone from my life.

When I was attached, I used to miss being alone. But now that I am single, I miss having someone around.. :-/

So I wonder... when people feel attracted to each other... do they actually stop to think, "what kind of person am I? Am I afraid of loneliness? Or am I ready to have a fulfilling and healthy relationship?"

I mean... what I had read in the book is rather true... but seriously, in real life... WHO THE HELL ACTUALLY CARES?!?!?!

Question: -- If you just broken up with your gf / bf... and you're feeling depressed and lonely... and here comes another girl / guy who seems so sweet and loving and is available to cure your loneliness, do you think you will pause and think to yourself, "Am I ready for another relationship? Am I going on the rebound? Will I end up hurting her / him??"

Well... everybody likes to have somebody who will shower them with love and affections and attention. Soon, we will feel like we have fallen in love with that person. BUT... is it really LOVE??? Or is it just becuz you like the attention? Is it just becuz you're touched by their actions?

Until now, I don't even know the answer.

But I do believe one thing...

If you love a person and somehow you have managed to do something to make that person fall in love with you... well... don't stop doing it.