Tuesday, October 04, 2005


After work, I was having dinner with a close friend of mine - Carol. We were talking about the past... and she was talking about some people and I was like, "who's that?"... Then my friend was looking at me and said, "don't tell me you have forgotten who they are... wahhh.. you really very forgetful, man".

... well, it's well-known that I'm forgetful... and I don't remember things in the past... but to forgot my ex-bf's name??? errmmm.... I do think I have a problem...

Anyway, on that very night... I was getting ready for bed and I was thinking about this. I was wondering, "how can I actually forget my ex-bf's name???" And I tried to remember some of my past... my ex-bfs... and why we broke up... but it's really not coming back to me. It's like... the memories are GONE... it's LOST. Or is it because I am transforming into... BIONIC WOMAN???

**editor's note: why Bionic Woman?.. i dunno.. maybe you can read my previous post to understand this better...

So what is going on?? I really want to know if other people have this problem too.

Oh... I remembered another thing... Carol had said, "you're really forgetful leh. For me, I can remember everything... maybe that's why I bear grudges".


So THAT'S why I never bear grudges... well, I can remember wat kind of arguements I was having... but maybe it's becuz I just CANNOT REMEMBER how angry/hurt I had felt at that time of arguing... :-/

So THAT'S why I'm QUICK-tempered, but not HOT-tempered.... becuz my temper comes quickly and goes away quickly too... and soon, I will forget that I was angry with that person... and then everybody will start laughing and playing again.

... wow... I'm like... the WORLD'S MOST FORGIVING PERSON... and it's becuz I'm also the WORLD'S MOST FORGETFUL PERSON... ... so.. is it supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? Well... for all the things that I have mentioned, it might be a good thing...

BUT.... it also means that without constant reminding, I might forget you. Well, not EVERYBODY... becuz there are a few people whom I can remember for life. But there are other people, whom I will forget... I forget their names... forget how I knew them.... forget that we used to go out and play together.

... Perhaps this is why my ex-bf will say that I need constant attention... ahhahaha... becuz I need to be constantly reminded that he still likes me... or else I'll forget why I'm with him.