Monday, February 23, 2009

Weird Scary Dream

I was in this abandoned shopping centre where there was a funny (or scary) thing going. This place was cursed. Spirits / Ghosts living in this abandoned place... the whole place is just crawling with them. Then if any 'suay' person uses the keys to open any door in this shopping centre, then they will automatically be cursed to see ghosts unless they lock back the door which they had opened.


how come i will dream of this kind of story is totally mind-blowing & innovative! no movie has ever come up with this storyline yet!! and therefore, i will patent this idea.

anyway... back to the dream... i dreamt that i wanted to test this curse to see if it was real or not. In the dream, I was thinking to myself, "really mehhhhh... unlock the door can see ghost mehhhhh... bluff one lah".

so me & someone whom i dun really rmbr who (so let's call him Vicky) went to this place & walked around but couldn't see anything remotely scary. So we took out these keys (dun ask me where we got the keys becuz it's just a dream) and i actually... BRAVELY... stuck the key into a keyhole and turned it... ... ... ... ... ... ... the door opened.

CHEY... nothing wat. Can't see anything.

Then Vicky tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at a corner with an oh-my-farkin-god expression. I turned and looked and saw this Ju-On looking thing crawling on the floor.

wat the fark lor.

i immediately turned into a chicken & quickly locked the door. and immediately, the image of the ghost vanished.

but in my head, the thoughts were racing like a speeding bullet, "just becuz i dun see it now, doesn't mean that it's not there! i saw it oh shit oh shit... can i get rid of it now? but i dun see it now... AIYAAAA... i dun see it doesn't mean that it's not there leh! that thing is probably crawling towards my legs RIGHT NOW!!!"

so i stared at the space just in front of my legs & was getting prepared to feel a 'grab' on my ankles or something scary... ... but.... ... luckily nothing.

and amidst all these scary bits, i still wanted to go toilet and pee pee. (-_-") but when i went into the toilet, i couldn't pee becuz i was afraid that something would reach out from the toilet bowl & poke /caress / stroke / or any other forms of touching my ass. SCARY RIGHT?!?!? like that how to pee lor!!! s(maybe in real life while i'm sleeping, i actually wanted to pee pee)... ...

but anywayz... Vicky & I walked out of that abandoned shopping centre in one piece... but then, there was this platform where you have to jump down like 10-storeys high in order to leave the place... ... i was only mildly worried as i watched Vicky step off that platform and landed on the bottom ground without injuring himself.

then i............ also stepped off the platform and dropped 10-storeys down onto the ground. i'm telling you... ... it felt like i just had a free rollercoaster ride.

... ... ... i could practically feel my phantom balls shrinking right up into my pussy & shrivel up in my womb... ... i can safely say that fear is not (tat much of) a factor for me...

(-_-")v <--- traumatised 'V for Victory' sign