Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why Are There So Many Idiots?!?!

This is just another ranting blog post.

I'm just so sick of idiots!!!

Ok... now i'm not even to keep them anonymous becuz they're just farking RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL and INCONSIDERATE!!

Today, I shall vent out my anger becuz of this farking idiot called FALAN. I have actually blogged about him before here... and here.

And today... it's like... RUDE RUDE MAN PART III.

I can't even believe that there is a 3rd sequel to this lor.

My bf went to China for work.

My bf's mother went to Vietnam for holiday.

And so, it leave me and my bf's cat. And he had told me to look after the cat becuz he doesn't want to send it to a pet hotel... ... probably you will think that he is just being cheapskate, but he's not. He wanted to send the cat to the pet hotel, but his mother suggested that i look after that fat cat... ... and since she asked me, i have no reason to reject. I don't mind looking after the fat cat... but I mind being in the same area as that farking bastard Falan. Ever since that last incident, I totally HATED him to the core....

... if there was ever a chance, i would piss all over him and make him lick his own pee off the floor...

ok.... so anywayz...

I didn't stay over at my bf's house all day.

Morning I was there to feed the cat.... then afternoon i drove home... then i only came back to my bf's house after my dinner, so i can feed the cat again... then i stayed oernight, and morning i feed the cat.. then afternoon i drove home... then i.. ... ... ok ok... you get the idea...

so basically, i wasn't in my bf's house in the afternoon, right?


On the 2nd day, after my dinner, I went back to my bf's house to feed the fat cat some dinner. And when I stepped into the toilet in my bf's room (yes, he sleeps in the master bedroom), i saw.. ... ... droplets of YELLOW pee on the toilet seat.


I know it's not me lor. Becuz i sit when i pee. Plus before i left the house, i purposely dropped a piece of clean tissue into the toilet bowl, so that I will know if SOMEBODY came in to use the toilet (damn bloody innovative of me, right?!?!?!)... ... and when i saw the droplets of pee... i noticed that the tissue paper was no longer in the toilet bowl, which also means that SOMEBODY used the toilet and had flushed it.

DAMN ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!

I looked closer and realized that the droplets of pee was STILL... well... WET. So this means that he had used it not long ago. Farker.

The more I think about it, the more pissed i am.

And I stormed out of the room and shouted, "Falan! You used the toilet in the room, is it?!?! Can you go and clean it YOURSELF."

And he can even turn around and ask, "clean wat?"

And I replied, "THE TOILET SEAT! You left something on it and it's still WET."

Then he got up and cleaned it.

So you think this is the end of the story?!?


I noticed that my bf's boxers which I had laid neatly on the side of the bed... ... ... was NO LONGER lying neatly on the bed. It looked like it had been swept to one side.



And then I wanted to turn on my laptop, so that I can chat with my bf on msn. And I remembered that I had plugged out the power cable the previous night. But... WOW... SURPRISED TO SEE THAT THE POWER CABLE WAS ACTUALLY PLUGGED IN and SOMEBODY EVEN TURNED ON THE SWITCH AND DIDN'T SWITCH OFF... so this means that my laptop has ben charging over and over and over.


Ok... then i logged online to chat with my bf who is still living his happy life in a hotel in China. Then I told him my discoveries.... and complained and complained....

And then I reached for the remotes to turn on the tv in my bf's room.... .... and WOW AGAIN... SURPRISED (once again) TO SEE THAT SOMEBODY HAD ALREADY TURNED ON THE STARHUB CABLE!!!! At first, I even tried to give Falan the benefit of the doubt that I was the one who had accidentally sat on the Starhub Cable remote control and miraculously, my round fleshy buttocks had aimed straight for the 'on' button. So, I just reached for the TV remote control to turn it on.... .... but TRIPLE WOW (ok... cancel the triple wow becuz i'm not even surprised anymore)... ... i realized that somebody had the courtesy of pressing the ON/OFF button on the tv. And I had to walk to the tv to press the button again to turn it on. This totally 'chop & guarantee' that Falan had utilised everything in my bf's room.

He came into my bf's room. He used the laptop. He used the toilet AND dirtied it. He watched tv in the room. And I'm sure he had laid his stinky body on our bed again.

What kind of tenant does this? YOU rent a room from your friend. Then YOU take advantage of your friend by being inconsiderate and disrespectful. And the owners of the house dun even sleep in aircon room, but you had to turn on the aircon when you sleep. When ppl asked you to help them save electricity by not turning on the aircon, you dare to reply by saying that YOU CAN'T SLEEP WITHOUT AIRCON?!?!?!?! What kind of bastard are you?!?!?! Not only that, when you are sleeping in the living room, you can leave the aircon on in your room when nobody is inside!!! Who the fark you think you are?! You are ONLY paying $350 per month, and you can do all these things and request so many things from the owners of the house?????

This is too much.

He doesn't even give my bf any 'face' / respect.

He even bullies my bf's mother by getting her to clean up HIS droplets of pee. Trust me. I know this becuz my bf's mother had indirectly said this before. WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!?! You treat her like your maid, is it?!

Not me. I will never clean anyone's droplets of pee.... ... unless it's my family's pee.... or my bf's pee. I will never allow this asshole to degrade me into his personal maid. My bf's mother might be willing to serve him hand & foot... and somemore can cook & clean for him... and treat him to meals... ... ... but he is nothing to me, so I will make a stand on this.

Damn bloody furious!

I already told my bf that he must not expect me to be nice to this asshole Falan. I cannot bring myself to be polite to this guy anymore.