Friday, December 26, 2008

X'MAS 2008
2nd year anniversary

so mushyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

*giggle like i kenna mad cow disease*

Guess how I spent my X'mas!!! BASICALLY DOING NOTHING!!!

But it was still fun lor!!!

On X'mas eve, me & bf dressed up and went down to Clark Quay to eat at Hot Stones (super bad choice becuz after that we both smelled like something was bbq'ed on us). Then then... after eating... we walked around and watched belly dancing for a while... ... then then... we strolled around some more... and then then... we went home. We were out from 8.30pm to 10.30pm and then we decided we were bored and decided to head back home.

Bf had this fantastic idea of opening up a bottle of this expensive champagne to drink at home. So we were dressed shabbily with Ken-Ken cuttlefish & cashew nuts, drinking Moet and watching lousy tv programmes at home. But still... it was fun!!! =D

We actually took some pictures which unfortunately cannot be posted here yet (no... it's not porno pictures). But maybe in the future I will post them up on the blog...

Coincidentally (or maybe not that coincident), Xmas is our 2nd year anniversary too! This marks the day where he somehow managed to con me into being his gf becuz i was so in the mood for the joy of giving on the day Jesus Christ was born. (^_^)v I'm such a saint.

But but my bf was so sweet..... becuz after we were done with the huge bottle of Moet champagne, he actually said that since this is the 1st bottle we had together, the bottle cannot be thrown away and maybe can put some flowers in it. Then he nonchanlently just walked to the tv cabinet and placed it there... like nothing happened.

(O_O) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUPER SWEET, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

And trust me when I say that he is totally not the kind of guy who will automatically say sweet mushy things like this. Usually, i have to beat him and bug him non-stop before he will repeat after me and say loving words. For example:

me: can i ask you something?

bf: wat?

me: do you have anything to say to me from the deepest most bottom'est part of your heart where you're afraid tat when you say it out loud, you will feel damn super paisey???

bf: ... *pauses for like... 1 sec*... ... .. no.

me: REALLY DUN HAVE MEH?!?!?!?!?!

bf: no ah. got nothing to say.


bf: ... *pauses for 2 secs*... really dun have.

me: FINE. *hammers him on the arm*... WHATEVER...

bf: ... ok lah ok lah. i have something to say.

me: =D !!! WHAT???????

bf: diam diam lah. (translation: keep quiet lah)... *he snickers evily while I feels more cross*...

me: (-_-) !!!!!!!!!

It's just this game that we're playing - How to Piss Each Other Off.

Usually, he's the one who manages to piss me off all the time. But yesterday, it was my turn to make him pek-chek (frustrated).

We were going down to packet some dinner home (yeah, i know. it's xmas and we are eating packet food) and I was telling him that my tummy feels uncomfortable and it's telling me that it wants to eat some grass (veggies & fruits).

When we reach the void deck...

me: whr are we going to packet food?

bf: we go to hougang mall to buy your veggies & fruits first, then we go to the other coffeeshop to packet food.

me: huh... so troublesome. then nvrmd lah. no need the veggies & fruits lah.

*i turn around to walk towards the coffeeshop*

bf: nvrmd lah... go and buy the veggies lah.

*he turns around again to walk towards Hougang Mall*

me: but troublesome leh... must walk all the way there... then turn back and walk to the other side to packet food...

*i turn around yet again towards coffeeshop*

bf: you sure ah???

me: yes lah...

*walks a few steps*...

me: but then hor... my tummy really feeling unwell...

bf: ... then go to hougang mall and buy the veggies lah...

*he turns around AGAIN towards Hougang Mall*

me: dun wan lah dun wan lah... very troublesome...

*i turn around towards coffeeshop*

bf: AIYO!!! *starts taking deep breathes*...

me: *feeling gleeful tat he's getting irritated*... BUT HOR...

bf: *stops in his tracks & side-glance at me*... GO AND B...

me: *interrupts*... JUST KIDDDIIINNNNNGGGGG...

*continues to walk to coffeeshop*

While bf is ordering food, i looked at a plate of kang kong being served to a table.

me: wahhhhh... kang kong looks so good...

bf: then order lah! wan or not?

me: dun wan lah...

bf: ... ...

me: anyway nobody ever cared about my tummy feeling unwell...

bf: :-\ !!!!!!!! *getting annoyed*... go and buy the v...


*watches bf taking deep breathes*

me: =D !!!!

So childish. But life has never felt so sweet.