Monday, December 08, 2008

Hari Raya Haji 2008
(mindless rantings... again)

It's supposed to be a long weekend today becuz HRH falls on a Monday. Which is today. And I'm not going out. Why? Becuz my bf is still away in China on a biz trip & apparently I needed more friends who are not busy with work / other social life / bfs / gfs / etc etc...

I woke up at 8am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so i decided to slap on this Honey & Black Sugar mask from Beauty Credit and maybe try to gain back some youth in my tired looking skin. There is no denying that i am indeed getting old and an increasingly amount of lines are appearing around my face. :-O !!!

Anywayz... how i wish i had one of those cosmetic hi-tech machines like in The Sims 2. Where you can just stand in front of it when your mood is platinium sky-high & you can alter yourself into a chiobu. Instant face lift, sia...

And Gina started on her internship with this company and has this crush on a superbly older guy who is like.... ... in his 40s. no shit... they have like a 20-yr age gap. but she said that he's very charming. *imagines*... maybe he looks like Andy Lau or Takeshi Kaneshiro. I really wonder exactly how charming can a 40+ year old guy look. I like older guys... not OLD guys. but Gina always expressed how $$$ is #1 in her life. So that explains a lot. :-O !!! waiting for old guys to die & leave her the $$$... ...

Last night before we slept, Gina asked me how I measure my life by.

I thought about it... and said, "measure by how happy i am". She said she measures it by how much money she has.

We are definitely of different breeds.

Alvin went out drinking with his ex-colleagues & asked if i wanted to go along. If i were younger.... MUCH younger, i would have joined him. but now, i dunno why... the thought of drinking and partying in dark places with strangers & booming loud music that causes you to scream eveytime you want to talk... just dun appeal to me anymore.

Oh fark, i AM getting older.

Please God, keep me looking young. I can feel like my eyelids are starting to hang over my eyeballs... in other words, DROOPING.... LOSING ELASTICITY...

p.s: is tat a double eyelid crease i see?!??! YES!! wait.... NO!!! i'm supposed to be single-eyelid!!!!

I miss when I was 20.

Did my 28th+1 birthday just pass?!?!?!