Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mindless Outrage Rantings

My bf told me that he might not be able to come back from Yemen on Sunday.

FARKER!!!!! Ok.... i'm not scolding him. but i'm super furious at that asshole colleague who said that he will relieve my bf but didn't and purposely kept sending the wrong documents for the visa.... and then delay for so long until the visa got rejected & then gave so many farking excuses until there is no more flight tickets to go over to Yemen and relieve my bf of his stupid overseas assignment and this pisses me off!!!!

And this little farker has 2 wives (he's malay, so that explains the 2 legally married wives) and keeps giving excuses that he this and that and he has got 2 sets of families... one wife farks better than the other & that's why he needs to get a divorce with the wife that's not good in bed.... blah blah blah... and one million other excuses... blah blah blah....

All these useless men who only know how to fool around.... .... WHY?!??!?! ONE WOMAN NOT ENUFF FOR YOUR ROTTEN DICK, IS IT?!?!?! But boobs in front of them, and all men will want to squeeze. Bastards. In fact, i will form some kind of Men-Hating groupie & punish all the cheaters. SO WHAT IF MUSLIM CUSTOM ALLOWS YOU TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE WIFE?!?!??!?!?! This is actually an extremely selfish muslim law. Why don't they allow women to have more than one husband?! I ever asked this malay guy who has 2 wives if he will mind if his wife is sleeping with another man... and he said CANNOT ACCEPT. Well, if he cannot accept then what makes him think that his wife can accept him sleeping with another women (even if THAT other woman is ALSO his wife)?

If i ever find out that any guy has been cheating on their gfs/wives, i will personally snip off their dicks with a scissors & mince it up then feed it to stray dogs & cats. then i will track down all the girls that the cheater touched & disfigure them using acid + salt... and THEN i will go after the girls' families and torch them into dust just becuz they gave birth to such sluts. it is becuz of all these unfaithful men that make me lose faith in myself & in all my relationships.

omg... i can continue on with this topic...

but anywayz..... i miss my bf and i'm having PMS which is giving me severe mood swings & evil insecure thoughts & mindless outrage rantings becuz of that stupid colleague of his.