Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Investigation Services

I was browsing thru my friend's blog in Multiply when I saw this advertisement on the right side of the screen.

I dunno exactly how legitimate the company / website is, but they seem to have lots of credentials. But anywayz... that's not the point... the moral of the story is (after reading thru their website) that it is interesting to know that there are investigations of all sorts of things.

There are even some newspaper articles to indicate that this is a very lucrative business.


And I AM NOT PROMOTING ANY ADVERTORIAL ON THIS. Just saying that it's something that we don't usually read. And it's strange to know that their clients are mostly married women who wants to check up on their husbands.... and 95% of the time, their husbands get caught cheating. omg. 95% leh!!! You know how high that percentage is???? This really makes you wonder abt the integrity of human beings. Are we actually able to remain faithful to ONE person for the rest of our lives??? ( i kw i can... becuz Takeshi Kaneshiro kissed me & i rejected him becuz for some strange reason, i felt the need to be faithful to my bf even in my dreams... but what if he kissed me 2nd time? would i relent? hmmmm...).

Well, for those unwed couples yet, you can even check if your partner is worth marrying.... ... becuz they do investigations for you too. Check his background, his social life, his spending habits... etc etc... whether he has a double life with another man... eww...

Then those who have children and always dunno where their kids hang out with till late at night, you also can spy on them. But wouldn't it be traumatising if you find out that your son has been secretly dressing up as a girl & standing along Changi Village? Or your daughter has been selling drugs to underage teenagers or worse, dancing nekkid in the moonlight & drinking blood from animals?

anywayz... this is the discovery of the day.