Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year Reflections

Supposed to be a joyous occasion. Where everyone get together and catch up.

Everyday, ppl are busy with their own lives and their own schedules.

But this year, it ain't a bed of roses.

A friend of mine who is in Australia. He's feeling lonely cuz of the festive season and he's all alone in a foreign country.

A family goes visiting but ends up with daggers in the back.

A friend going thru tough times becuz the husband cheated on her and she has nowhere else to go. Dragging her 4 year old daughter, they took shelter at grandma's place.

And the list goes on.

Life is hard. Nobody said it was easy.

Sitting in Mezebar in Orchard, me & Melson watched the ppl walk by. We were chatting as usual about the deeper side of life.

I asked him,
"wat if your gf told you that she will be sleeping early tonight, but as we are sitting here, you see your gf walk by and holding another guy's hand?"

He said that he wouldn't go up to her. He'll just pretend that he didn't see her.

His reason was... it is no point trying to confront her. It is obvious that she lied and there is no point in asking her why she did it. Becuz the answer is right there in front of you... ... that she is a cheating and lying bitch.

Melson said that the second he finds out that his gf is lying to him, he will just end the relationship with no questions asked... ... becuz right at that moment, she will immediately be INSIGNIFICANT in his life.

I understand what he meant.

Then again, it is easier said than done.

If you really liked a person, it will be hard saying goodbye.

It will really hurt. Especially when you believed in him / her.

So now, the ultimate question...

(and since I'm a girl, I'll ask this question in a girl's point of view)

If your partner lied to you about certain things... or he kept certain truths about his past from you, and one day, you found out that he has been lying... ... ... would you be hurt? Would you leave him? Would you accept it? Would you pretend that he didn't lie?

I know I'll be hurt to know that he has lied about his past.

Especially when I find out that he has loved the previous girl more than me.

And I'll be very sad if I find out that he cared for the previous girl more than me.

It will be hard to find someone nice & decent.

And someone you can talk to about anything.

Someone who cares about you like how he cares about himself.

Someone you can spend the rest of your life with.

And someone you can share your problems with.

Someone you can love without fear.

When I find such a man, I'll let you know.

But he will be MINE! MINE!!!


... out where the lightning spills the sea...