Thursday, September 21, 2006

Korean Dinner with Family
My Secret to Beautiful Skin

Just the other day, I decided to take my family out for a Korean dinner at Auntie Kim's, which is along Upper Thomson Road.

We drove there in John's car (hehehe)... cuz he & his wife has gone to Korea for a holiday. And he offered to let me use his car during his absence (YAYY!! 3 CHEERS FOR JOHN!). I can't wait to see those Korea pictures!!!!!!!

I hope they took plenty pictures of the cute Korean men there.

Anyway, my dad drove John's car to Auntie Kim's. He was so gentle to the Mitsubishi Lancer... hahaha..

Mummy was excited to try Korean food for the FIRST TIME in her 46 years (damn it, woman... where have you been?! Lucky you've got such a wonderful daughter like me).

Their 3 children were having a field day at the back. We took plenty of pictures... ... did a stupid sing-a-long... joked... laughed...

... and I remember having more space at the back of the car when my dad was driving the Nissan (which is scraped metal by now), whereas John's (super modified) Mitsubishi Lancer felt really crowded.

I think it's cuz we have grown.

Alvin was a chubby little geeky boy, and now he is tall & lanky with man-boobs.

Gina has evolved from a tiny little thing... into a... ... tiny thing (sorry, you're still tiny... only not so little anymore).

And I was such a skinny hairy freak, but now... ... well, I'm still skinny, but at least I'm hairless now (due to those endless waxing sessions).


Here are some pictures from the car:


Alvin says: ... confirm blur one...

*looks at pic*

DAMN. I hate it when he's right.

Ok... try again.


Gina squeaks: ... why am I always cut off?!?!

Me with bright idea: ... I KNOW! Gina, you take from this angle...


Me says: ... aiya.... too much flare... try again. Eh... Alvin was doing a sexy pout... ahhahaha... let's all do that.


Alvin still looks sexy with his pout.

I look like I'm snickering at something.

Gina just looks plain grumpy.


AHHAAHHAHA... this is cute. And fugly at the same time.

Sorry... no pictures from the Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant... cuz we were all excited and chatty and too busy savouring the meal. But Gina was kinda agitated when she forgotten to take pictures of the... (in her own words)...

"omg it's a KOREAN spoon!!!"

And then, just when we were about to finish dinner... ... my daddy suddenly said something to me,

"The other time, your mother was asking me if you went for Botox"

My reaction: (O_O") !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn my mother sure has a weird imagination.

My reply: WHY?!?!?!... *touches face*... wat does my face look like??? Very artificial or wat???

*noticed that mummy has looked down on to her Kim Chi soup*

My persistent questioning: WHY? Why you say that?!?! I didn't do anything lor!!!

Daddy's reply: ... no ah... that time your mother was saying that you must have done something to your face. And she told me not to ask you... becuz she said that you will deny.

*short pause*

Daddy: ... which you DID deny.

*Alvin, Gina & me started to burst out laughing at this point*

Me turning to Alvin and said JOKINGLY (must emphasise): ... omg... how did she know...

Mummy: ... I knew he cannot keep secret one...

*everybody starts laughing*

Daddy: No mahhhh... since you're wondering about it, then I just ask lor. You see... now you sit beside your sister, she looks like the older one.

Me: WAH!!!! We're 10 years apart leh!!!

Alvin: HAHAHAHAHAA!! EXACTLY... it's becuz she is sitting beside Gina now. That's why she looks better.

*everyone starts looking at the puberty zits on Gina's face*

Gina: OI !!!!

Back to reality.

I think my skin isn't THAT flawless. I still get the occasional zits... and my nose has blackheads... I have oily skin, yet the skin around my cheeks can get flaky cuz it's so dry.

But I believe that it was the change in attitude (in other words - childish) that made me look younger (than Gina... hiack hiack hiack hiack... take THAT, Gina Lau).

Also, ever since I started on this new job, I had to wake up at 6 every morning. Thus, I sleep around 8 or 9pm every night. So, I actually get plenty of restful sleep.

In addition, I've been feeling like I'm on drugs these past few months...

"I'm HAPpayyyy... I'm feeling GLaddd... I got SUNshineeee... in a baggg.."


Gni says:
... you REALLY want to know my secret to beautiful skin??... ...


... I swallow.

... a big glass of water every morning.