Friday, September 22, 2006

Hate Your Parents

I guess some people really must hate their parents.

It's like... I read in the magazines of Hollywood stars who gives funny names to their kids. The latest would be Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and that Katie Holmes. Although she's goddamn freakin cute, but still... ... ... wat a silly name.

When I was in secondary school, I have a friend who has an uncle whose name is...
Chee Ja Bor (in Hokkien: Ja Bor = Female)

He definately will be the butt of all jokes.

Anyway, what actually inspired me to blog about this is cuz my friend was telling me,

"oh my god... I can't believe a guy's name can be Chiu Ping"

Me: ... that can't beat this old guy at my work place. His name is Chun Li (as in Chun Li from the Streetfighter game). I'm always trying to find different ways to pronounce his name more manly'er.

Male Friend: And I thought my name was sissy! I'm beginning to feel proud of my name - Yu Miao.

Me: ... Yu Miao is not a sissy name. It's a funny name.

Male Friend: Hey... it's not funny. It's special.

Me: hahahahhaa... right.

*short pause*

Male Friend: There must be a logical explanation for the names. Their parents must have mistook them for a girl.

Me: (-_-")

I think it's fashionable to give funny names to your children.
I believe it somehow helps them to be more memorable in people's minds.

I mean... it's like for my name - Jeanie.

So boring.

So uninteresting.


Becuz I'm skinny... ... so I'm being remembered as Skinny Jeanie.

Soon, I got sick of being known as Jeanie the Skinny.

So, I tried to distract others by spelling my own name as G'ni... ... cuz...

Firstly, it looks nicer (and cooler... hahahaa).

Secondly, I don't have to write too much (cuz I'm lazy).

Thirdly, I hate it when people spell my name wrongly... ... like... ... Jeannie / Ginny / Janie / Jeanny / Jinny / Jimmy (fark it man, that's a MAN's name).

Lastly, becuz of this spelling, people will remember me as...

The One with The Unique Name, instead of Skinny Jeanie.

I'm sick of being Skinny Jeanie.
And then, when I'm eating beans... I get called Jeanie Beanie.
And when I whine about not getting the things I want, there's Whiney Jeanie.

My ex-bf also gave me a super long nickname.

I think it's the longest nickname in the whole wide world.

Skinny Meanie Whiney Jeanie Beanie Weanie

I demand to be in the Guiness Book of Records.