Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking Care of Your Baby

I was sent this some time back and I thought it was damn funny, so I'll just share it with you.

(for some reason, i think the baby looks damn happy to be carried from the head...)

(look at the baby's face... he looks DAMN cross lor!
maybe becuz his cute chubby cheeks are resting on the chess table...)

(is it me... or is that baby actually doing a 'thumbs up' sign to the XXX alcohol??)

(i am sure this is actually happening to some babies!!!
maybe this is how some ppl got big nostrils...)

(this is my favourite!!!
the look on the baby's smiling face is DAMN cute.
this is also how Julia Roberts got her big wide smile... ladies & gentlemen, the mystery is solved...)

(they are probably bonding over the XXX alcohol... see how 'high' the mother is...)

(and actually TV is not a bad idea!!! I don't think letting babies watch tv is a bad idea... unless the movie is Dumb & Dumber... or Hannibal... or Fear Factor...)

(this is damn gross... i wonder who drew this...
the father looks so horny while doing that...)

That's all folks.

Hopefully this will make up for lost blog time in the past few months.