Friday, January 11, 2008

Word of Advice - to the Working World

The saying is true.

It is indeed a dog eat dog world.

Every man for himself.

But there is another saying.

Do unto others like how you want others to do unto you.

In the beginning, my workplace started out to be a MOSTLY pleasant environment to work in. However, recently, it started to become MOSTLY unpleasant.

I think it is due to the fact that there are more & more workload + job frustrations. And also, maybe the GM has been a little too hard on his managers.

Thus, the managers started to vent their frustrations on the executives and the executives vent their frustrations on the lower level staffs. And since the lower level staffs do not have anyone lower to vent on, they vent on each other who are on the same level.

It's a vicious chain reaction.

There are lesser patience. Lesser tolerance. Increased workload. Increased frustrations. And an increase in unhappy employees.

All these for higher profit. More bonus.

Many times, we get scolded for nothing.

Instructions were not passed down properly. And when you take the initiative to go and clarify for more information, you get scolding becuz your superior thinks that you're dumb or not paying careful attention to her when she's talking.

Bottom Line:

As hard as the working environment can be, we must always take conscious effort not to be consumed by it.

Just becuz other ppl treat you like a worthless piece of crap, does not mean that you have to be consumed that attitude and pass that attitude onto another person.

Mental Note to self:

Be cool. Be calm. Be tolerant. Be patient.