Monday, April 14, 2008

Long Time No Blog, so Here's A Quick Update

I believe nobody is even checking in on my blog anymore. But... JUST IN CASE anyone still reads it, I'll still blog for now. Mainly, I just need to rant about all that has happened to me these past few months.

It has been a very busy 2008 for me.

So much rubbish to do, so much crap to take & so many idiots to deal with.

Work has been overloading due to the fact that ppl can't keep track of their work properly. They don't follow-up on their own work. The worst thing is that ppl seem to do first and create a whole bunch of stupid problems, then they think about how to solve problems in a mad rush. The best part is they get YOU to clear the mess, while they sit around and use their mouths to stress you out.

It's like the same concept as maxing out your credit limit and when the bill comes, then you start to 'uh oh now what', then these ppl start to call YOU and borrow money from YOU to pay off their debts.

Sometimes, I really feel that I have had ENOUGH of this stupid planning... ... oh sorry, it's not even call PLANNING, becuz if it is, then things will not be so disorganized at work. Some guy told us that he wanted us to 'fly' with him at work becuz he's always on the go in a fast pace, so we should speed up our work. I say, it is more like flapping your arms wildly and running around aimlessly until you keep hitting a brick wall over and over again.

I don't know why I'm still here. Probably when one stays too long in a bad situation, you tend to subconsciously LIKE the abuse. Or it is probably due to the fact that I hate giving up on tough situations becuz it makes me look weak and might seem that I'm running away when the going gets rough. But then again, how much is enough? I think I'll give this another chance. The whole of 2008. After that, I'll see how much my efforts are appreciated by the company. If all my hard work is for nothing, then I guess it's time for me to look for greener pastures... NEARER to home.

Then there was a situation where somebody actually took my metal fork without asking for permission. And then stuck it into a cabinet to fix it like my fork was a screwdriver. I threw that fork away. Once it has been abused in some dirty cabinet, I could never look at my eating utensil the same way again.

My brother's birthday is this Saturday. I haven't gotten him anything. Have to discuss this with Gina Lau.

Everything is going okay with me & my boyfriend. He's so funny.

I miss the people I used to hang out with. It used to be fun and carefree. All those nonsense joking around and running about.

I should go to the gym soon. Or swimming. But lonely to go alone + lazy + nobody to motivate me to go.

More updates next time.

Oh shit, I forgot to post up pictures for the Bangkok trip.

Ok. Next time.