Friday, January 18, 2008


I hate to say this.

But skinny DOES rule the world.

Just look at America's Next Top Model. And what do you see? SKINNY girls. Sure there are some PLUS size models. BUT THEY NEVER WIN (yet). And these fatties are always looking at all those stick-thin girls and thinking to themselves, "shit i wish my body was like that". These skinny girls hardly have any boobs. They have bony shoulders. Ultra-flat tummies. And they have twiggy arms.

Actresses & models whom you think are NORMAL size, were asked by producers & managers to LOSE WEIGHT to the point of anorexic before they will be put on a show.

In one reality TV on recruiting models, one of the judges said, "she makes cheap clothes look like Versace becuz she's so skinny". And the judge went on to comment on another girl, "she needs to lose weight becuz she makes the clothes look frumpy".

So I wonder, why am I being picked on for being skinny?

This 200-pound girl (seriously damn fat) actually put her puffy hand on my shoulder and said that I am 'really damn skinny'. And I'm thinking to myself, "and you are really damn fat". This girl even has problems getting back on her feet from a squatting position. Fark this shit, man. Just becuz I can squat and stand easily doesn't give you the right to comment on MY model-like body type (p.s: pls see above on America's Next Top Model).

And this short girl with tree trunk legs said that my arms look like it can be snapped like a twig. What the... *toot*. Just becuz I need to use a chainsaw on your legs, doesn't give you the right to comment on my arms (p.s: pls see above regarding skinny girls make cheap clothes look damn bloody expensive).

The thing is that I have NEVER EVER commented on anyone's fatty'ness. Simply becuz... it's RUDE. So what makes these ppl think that they can just freely insult another person on their body?

But of course, when they go overboard with their comments, I will lash out a few insults on my own and eventually make them cry. Either that, or I'll go crying to my closest friends and gossip about the person who insulted me and hurt my feelings and make me feel lowly about myself.

I admit. I'm no angel. I can be extremely mean with my words, but I choose not to use this bitch power which I naturally possess.

Sometimes, I try to convince myself that ppl make skinny jokes about me becuz they themselves feel low self-esteem about themselves. And therefore, they have to pick on somebody else which they WISH they were, but can never be.

It's like, I always wanted big boobs. So when I see Tyra Banks and her fleshy chest, I will tell Tyra that her boobs will droop down to her pussy when she's older becuz her breasts are so big. (Red Alert: too much envy will turn into pure evil jealousy).

So I tell myself that ppl tell me that I'm so skinny is becuz they are jealous that I don't have unwanted fats on my body and skinny ppl can carry off clothes better.

But at times, how to convince myself this if they KEEP commenting?? HUH?! YOU TELL ME LAH??? HOW TO??? Obviously I will get angry, right? knn... ccb...


I'm having PMS... even when it's not time for PMS.