Thursday, November 22, 2007


"After you apologize, it will still be me who is still suffering alone from your mistake.
I am the one still feeling the pain.
While you sleep soundly in bed, I cry myself to sleep.
When you are working at the computer, I am working out how to see past your mistake.
When you hang out w your friends, I am trying to get thru my sadness."

When parents divorced...

The individual adults move on with their own lives, but the children are the ones who suffer forever.

When killers end an innocent life...

Even when they get death penalty, the victim's families are the ones who suffer after the the killer's death.

When rapists strike...

Even when they get caught by the law, the victim lives in humiliation for the rest of her life.

When an affair is commited...

For one, a surge of excitment. For the other, life will always be full of resentment & doubt.

When trust is betrayed...

A moment of temptation, will need a lifetime to rebuild the trust.


Life is so unfair.