Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't Blame Me

Observations from the world around me:

I hate it when people do the wrong things. And then they blame you for not trusting them.

When you find out about what they have done and you ask them why they do it, they blame you for interrogating them like a criminal.

In the 1st place, if you don't do the wrong things, then NOBODY will doubt you. If you don't do the wrong things, then NOBODY will ask you any questions.

Why people just cannot get this simple logic in their brain. Look at your own actions first before pushing the blame to others. Or worse, throwing your temper at the innocent.

I hate it when people know that it is the wrong thing... and THEY STILL DO IT.

What is wrong with these people?!?! Super irresponsible and immature. No self-control.

Why must they know that it is wrong, and they still do it? Very fun, is it. Very shiok, is it. Or is it very exciting. Or you think that others will not find out what you have done.

But they never think that what they do, can bring hurt to others.

Selfish. Damn selfish.

Only care about the pleasures it brings to themselves, but they heck care the feelings of others.

Don't they know that once water is spilled, it can never be recovered? Once a mirror is broken, there will always be cracks? Once you get into an accident, life will never be the same for you again?

So why must do something that will forever damage another thing?

People always want you to change for them. But can they put in the same hard effort to change themselves? CANNOT. They can't do it. The most, they can only be good for awhile. Then they go back into their bad habits.

No matter how many good things you do for them, they will fark care and they will NEVER EVER appreciate you. Instead, they keep telling you how much they respect this stupid bitch for encouraging them... or they cannot lose the friendship of a particular bastard for helping them. And how important this person or that person is in their lives. Ya. Don't come and tell me you respect a woman when she flirts & seduces other men. Don't try to convince people that that man is super nice when he actually cheats on his wife with prostitutes.

I only respect people with integrity and those who carry themselves properly. So dun ask me to respect people who only know how to use their mouths to TALK. I also know how to talk. Talk is so cheap and so easy. But in other aspects of their character, they are a shitload of crap.


Once the doubt & suspicion has set in your mind, can you ever bring yourself to trust that person completely? If you have been betrayed by a friend / partner, can you ever forgive them? If you cannot ever trust that person, is it your fault... or is it theirs?

Irony No. 1:

Some people are a classic case of irony.

Your ex-gf sms dirty sexy stuff to her secret lover, and you find out, and you get hurt and disgusted by it at the same time. So you decided to break up with her.

However, when you're in another relationship, you talk dirty with another woman. Thus, betraying your own gf in the same sad disgusting way. And the excuse you give is, "talk only. no other funny things. she's only a FRIEND. i'm just trying to make her (personally, I think the proper word is, fucking whore) happy".

Make her HAPPY?! You mean, you rather make a FEMALE FRIEND happy and break the trust in your own relationship??? Who would believe that lame excuse??

Sure you need to make her happy. Make her happy so that she will put your dick in her mouth, is it? Sweet talk her, so that she will spread her legs for you, is it?

Why? Why do this kind of hurtful things to others... when you yourself have that kind of bad experiences before? Are these people sick or what????

Irony No. 2:

And then there are people who have been constantly cheating on their bf / gf.

While the bf is away at work, the gf chats online and meets online male friends. And she dresses up and get all excited about meeting these good-looking hunky men. Then just before her bf gets off work, she rushes home and pretends that she has been home all these while.

When the bf accuses her of cheating and frolicking around outside with other men, she turns the table around and SCOLDS the bf for not trusting her.

(hello, but you DID meet up with strange young men whom you met on the net. he has a SOLID reason for not trusting you...)

Then when the bf spot-checks her sms'es and finds some affectionate sweet talk, she flares up at him and said that they're JUST FRIENDS. And that he is wrong for spot-checking on her.

(wtf, if you got nothing to hide, then you won't mind your bf conducting spot-checks, right???which part do you not get?? You DID do something wrong! why go and yell at the poor guy?! he kenna wear lu mao (green hat) already and still must kenna fire by you...)

And when they get into a fiery augument about her infidelity, she refuses to talk to him until he apologizes for doubting her.

(WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD?! It's like asking the victim to go back to the rapist and asked to be raped somemore and this time, make it more brutal than the last.)

Irony No. 3:

There is a stupid myth about how virgins can cure AIDS.

And all the people who had rotting dicks went around raping women. And the worst part was, in order to ENSURE that the victim was a virgin, these bastards picked on babies and children. A 9-month old baby girl was raped by 6 men.

You stupid bastards! DIE ALONE! Don't cause more pain & harm to others!

You want to put your dicks in prostitutes and loose women, then that is YOUR OWN PROBLEM. Don't make your problem, our problem!

Cannot keep your penis in your pants, then get a dog. Get a cow. Or forever stick to farking those dirty prostitutes and don't infect the rest of the population.

The more these bastard rape, the more the disease spreads. And then more and more people will get AIDS. And instead of virgins curing AIDS, virgins themselves will be spread AIDS.

Seriously, you cannot even trust your own husband / wife / bf / gf. Who knows where your husband has been when he's not at home? Who knows who your gf shares food with? Or maybe something as simple as a sharing a towel, and you get crabs. Maybe your wife is a nurse and she accidentally pricked herself with an AIDS-infected needle, then she goes home to you and sits on your face / dick.


In the End:

Don't blame me for being sceptical.

Don't blame me for being suspicious.

But some humans are like the english TV series, like The 4400 or like Heroes. They are not quite normal and have something 'special'.

I can't fly or make flowers bloom. But I definately have a very strong sense when something is going wrong.

And I can't read minds. But somehow secrets and lies and betrayals always magically reveal themselves in front of me EVEN WHEN I'M NOT LOOKING.

It's true.

My ex-friend tries to cheat me to lend her money which she will never return. And I happen to find out cuz she forgot to log off her incriminating MSN and I went to use the same computer and I SAW IT and I confronted her and she apologized and I told her to fark off. Just becuz I'm rich (or used to) doesn't mean that I want to give money away.

Another ex-friend got jealous over my school results, so she pretended to have some juicy exam tips. She gave them to me, but all the tips never came out. Then during breaktime, I overheard her gloating LOUDLY to another bitch that I would fail my exams. But if that bitch is reading this blog, I want to tell you... MAN, AM I LUCKY TO HAVE ALREADY STUDIED FOR MY EXAMS AND I DIDN'T EVEN NEED YOUR FAKE TIPS. AND I FREAKING GOT A 'B'-SCORE ON THAT PAPER, BITCH. AND I GOT THE RESULT SLIP AS PROOF.

On a sadder incident, an ex-bf was having sex with another woman, and somehow, he managed to accidentally call my hp and let me hear them humping each other. And when I confronted him, (here comes the shocker)... he told me that SHE was his gf *gasp* and I was the 'mistress'. Bastard. Hope his airstewardess gf sleeps around with strangers and get AIDS or that 'cauliflower disease' (i think it's genital herpes) and then pass it on to him. And then his dick rots and falls off just in time before he could infect an innocent girl.

And there are other unfortunate incidents, but I shall not talk about them cuz it makes me feel bitter about life.

On a happier side, maybe someone is watching over me and making sure that I only hang out with the right people and those who treat me right and those who are truthful.

There was once a stupid person who was jealous of my brains & beauty. And she said to me, "no wonder you said that you only have a few friends, now I know it's becuz nobody likes you".

So my reply to her was...

"I have few friends becuz they are the only true friends.
It's not nobody likes me.
It's me who don't like them."
I believe that there are people out there who are getting betrayed left right up down, and they still don't know it yet.
This is becuz of the sad fact that they are not born to have my 4400 ability.
And I bet that if everyone knows who is actually making use of them, they would not keep many friends around them as well.