Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Major Life Changes

Not me.

But the receptionist!!!

Remember my post on Superwoman Award?

The receptionist has been absenting herself very often this month. And I even had half a mind to go tell her that her performance is deteriorating and that would affect her increment for this year.

But then, yesterday, she went on MC again. YES. AGAIN.

She called back to inform us on her MC (of 2 days) and then she said that the doctor has finally diagnosed that she is going thru... ... ...








Talk about major life changes.

From hereon now, this is where the road is leading to an end. Where lush green scenery will soon become a bare & barren desert.

Your body will start to dry up (specifically, the nether regions). Your skin will start to crinkle up and be all wrinkled. You start looking more and more like the wicked witch from the west (or south, since everything will move closer to the ground).


This is sad. Really sad.

Women should never have to go thru menopause. And worse of all, this process takes a couple of years before it completes its journey. It's like a prisoner who is put on death penalty... but he is to be hanged 5 yrs later. You know you're going to die, but you need to WAIT.

Then you'll have mood swings. Severe back pain. Feeling pregnant, but you're not. Losing interest in all sexual activities, and even if you want to perform, you'll need to start considering sesame oil.


Therefore, I take back everything bad I said about her in my previous post.

Suffering from menopause is already tough on her.

Even me at the age of 28 (oh my goodness, almost 30! oh shit, did i just reveal my age.), I'm already dreading the day I get it too. Hopefully, it'll be when I'm really really old. Like... just before my deathbed at 70 or 80.


I'm still slippery & wet till I'm 80.
(oh gosh, suddenly stuck me that my siblings & their friends are going to read this)