Thursday, November 15, 2007

Superwoman Award

I deserve this.

My company is doing its accounts closing between 16 to 20 nov. And I have to prepare for my payroll closing + HR closing.

At work today...

the Purchasing girl is on leave till next week. Which means I have to cover her purchasing closing duties.

the Receptionist is on MC today, which means I have to cover her recep duties of answering the 1001 phonecalls, the 1001 visitors who walk in looking for company staff, the despatch duties and opening of mails from SingPost.

the GM's secretary is on MC today, which means I have to cover her secretarial duties of serving the boss.

and not forgetting, I have to do my own duties of training / compensation benefits / staff issues / administrative work / serving my HR boss / updating the staff attendances / medical claims / staff confirmation / staff disputes / accident reports / etc.


Why must the Purchasing girl choose this closing period to go on leave? But then, I cannot blame her cuz she has to go hold her wedding dinner in Indonesia. So that's alright.

But the worst part was, why must the damn Receptionist go on MC just becuz she has back pain??? I have a crooked spine and I have been having pain in my neck, back & shoulders for 7 years and EVERY SINGLE DAY, I'm living with pain and still I come to work. Plus the stupid company doctor can tell her that her back pain is caused by STRESS, so she should relax more. STRESS?!?!?! What bloody stress can a receptionist face? She answers the damn phone calls and transfers them. Wahhhh... very 'stress' lor. And while she's telling me about how stress she is, she's sitting down having her breakfast leisurely and reading the morning papers. And throughout the day, she snack on goodies and chit-chat with visitors who come in. THAT is call STRESS meh??? I want to slap her face, man. Becuz she go and fake her MC, I have to cover her duties.

Then the GM's secretary went on a 2 day MC becuz she put on her contacts wrongly. But at least this is a valid reason. Cuz her corneas have been cut.

I only go on MC if I have a fever, but these ppl? They take MC, knowing that even if they are not around, somebody else (aka me) will be able to cover their duties.

But WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I GO ON LEAVE OR MC?!?!? Absolutely NOBODY is covering my work!!! Maybe only 1 or 2 small little items need to be done, like making a followup phonecall, or passing of documents. But who will calculate the OT? Who will do the payroll? Who will handle insurance & hospitalisation issues? NOBODY. So, while the rest of the happy ppl go on leave & take their MCs during the busiest period of the month, I'm the only one who cannot fall sick nor take leave during the closing period.

Even if I take leave or MC, I still have to come back and clear my own work which have piled up during my absence. This is one reason why I hardly absent myself. And this is one reason why I absolutely HATE taking leave. Becuz I know that when I come back, I will have more work to rush thru. And then when I'm sick, as long as I can get off the bed, I will come to work becuz as usual, NOBODY will help me and my work will still pile up high during my absence. So no point being absent from work.

WHY?!?!?! Why I cannot take leave between 16 to 20th of every month?! Why why why???

Who ask me to be in HR. Who ask me to be the ONLY HR person.

Blame who?

Blame me. Everything is my fault.

Why must I be so efficient (self-praising). Why must everybody think that they can depend on me (self-praising again). At home, at work, at everywhere... it's always the same story.

'gni do this'
'gni do that'
'even if I don't do it, I know gni will do it'
'just let gni do all the rubbish work that ppl don't want to do'


And I must self-praise cuz nobody ever appreciates what I do. And I always feel like I'm doing a thankless job.

Nobody comes back from their leave and says, "thank you gni for covering for me during my absence".

... instead it's, "I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! but I feel so tired after my holiday, dun feel like working now... still in holiday mood".

... or worse, "wah! You shouldn't do my work like this! Now I have to redo it according to my own preference!"

Nobody even comes back from their MC and says, "sorry for troubling you, gni... and thank you for covering for me during my MC... i understand that you yourself have a lot of work, so you are actually taking up more shitload of work on my behalf".

... instead it's, "ohhh i was so sick and i'm still feeling so sick... my flu was so bad... my fever was so high... i couldn't get off the bed... i keep eating plain food and i got so sick of eating it".

... or worse, "maybe I should take another day off cuz I'm feeling so sick, can you also help me to do this and that? I want to go and see the doctor cuz I feel so drowsy from the medication. I think I should rest more".

I know I'm feeling so bitter now cuz I feel like that whole world is against me.

Or maybe it's becuz I'm having PMS, so these bitter feelings & thoughts are swarming me.

But then again, I DESERVE TO BE BITTER!