Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life & its Prophecies

"... Must we all think like a Fish in a Bowl?"

I'm a tomboy and I admit that.

Do I like men? Yeah man... guys are great fun.. they're rough and playful and loud and obnoxious (very much like me)... and I like hanging out with them.

So, do I like girls? Hell yeah! They're soft and feminine and squeeze-able and lovable (oh god... am I lesbian?)... and I like hanging out with them too... only in a different way.

But between men & women, I honestly prefer to hang out with guys. Does this make me a flirt? Definately NOT.

When I go out with a guy, does it mean that I like him romantically? NO.

It just means that I play and talk and curse like a man... so I hang out with people who all have the SAME character.

And think about this carefully... if you are a person who like to go swimming and to the gym and do sports, who do you think you will hang out with MORE OFTEN??? Of course it will be with people who like to go swimming and gym and do sports also, right or not?

Let's say you like to sit at Coffee Bean and chit-chat, do you think you will be best friends with somebody who likes to go Devil's Bar every night??? I mean... CAN LA... but very hard to be hang out with them everyday lor. Becuz you want to sit down and relax, but your friend always want to go out and party and dance with loud music.

Therefore, it's the same thing for me. Women like to talk about make-up, hair, fashion & boys. I like to talk about violence, crude jokes, playing pranks & rock n' roll.

So how to CLICK... you tell me lah... you tell me! It's like eating strawberries dipped in oyster sauce... totally dun match.

When I behave like a barbarian, of course... NATURALLY... I will hang out with people who are barbarians too.

But seriously...

Can men and women be friends?

And I really mean... just PURELY be good friends... without evil intentions.

I have male friends who are married or already attached. So does this mean that I have to stop hanging out with them? Does this mean that I have to lose a few guy friends just because they are NOT single & available?

Honestly, I really don't know.

To me... "A mind with PURE & wholesome thoughts will lead to HEALTHY & relaxed living".

But to others, they might think that I'm trying to be a home-wreaker... and a 3rd party. I don't blame them for thinking this way. Becuz I agree that it is not common for men & women to be friends. Other people might think that it's strange... and NOT normal. And people might worry that there is something weird going on.

These people might still be living in a fish bowl... and they just cannot accept certain things. For example:

1. Having children before marriage.
2. Men & Women cannot be friends.
3. Bisexuals & Homosexuals.

And if you look carefully and think about it... ... you will realize that humans are just UNaccepting to people who are different from them.

People who have children before marriage are looked down upon becuz the PROPER thing is to marry THEN have kids.

Men & Women cannot be friends becuz people believe that evil things might happen. And that NORMALLY men should marry women... and therefore, men & women cannot be friends becuz they will have to marry or have sex or something. So yeah... people think that opposite sex should not be friends.

And I don't think I need to explain more about Bisexuals & Homosexuals... ... cuz... it is a topic about NORMAL people and so-called WEIRDOS.

Therefore, I do not need to say anything more. The point is... it is just natural for human beings to REJECT things that are not normal... and they will just condemn other people for being different.

Just like in some countries, muslims who wear tudungs are discriminated becuz they have their own beliefs.

So... I ask again... ...

Must we all think like a Fish in a Bowl?

Can we live outside the Bowl...?

Can we truely accept people & situations that are different?