Sunday, April 09, 2006


I was having this conversation with a dear friend of mine in MSN. And then it led to self-inflicting thoughts and depression and things like that.

So now, I'm wondering... can you tell if somebody is suffering from depression?

I mean... it's like the person suffering from depression might appear normal on the outside... she can laugh and she can joke, but you never know what they're doing behind closed doors... like cutting themselves with a knife to see how much it bleeds... hitting themselves to see how much pain they can take... silently just hating themselves and the world around them.

Now that I think about it... it's scary. One day, you see your best friend well and alive... then another day, she's dead. And you wished that you could have done something to help... ... if ONLY YOU KNEW.

So... there are thoughts like:

"I so fat/thin/short/ugly... nobody will love me"
"Why am I so stupid/dumb... everybody says it... it must be true"
"My love left me... I must be a horrible person"

If you are thinking like this... or if you know somebody who is thinking this way... tell yourself or the person - STOP!

It is important to control your mind.

It's not that hard!

The mind has as much potential to be a medication as it has to be a poison. When you use it to concentrated on the right thoughts, and supported by right effort and understanding, the effect you can produce is so great. A mind with pure and wholesome thoughts can lead to healthy, relaxed living.

The Buddha has said, "No enemy can harm one as much as one's own thoughts of craving, thoughts of hate, thoughts of jealousy and so on".

So we should all turn your mind inwards, and try to find pleasure within yourself.


I read in a book before:

Calmness is not Weakness.

A man with a calm attitude at all times demonstrates himself as a Man of Culture.

It is not too hard for one to be calm when things are favourable, but it is indeed hard to be composed when things go wrong.

This quality is difficult to achieve, but it is definately WORTH achieving... becuz by exercising such calm and control, you can build Strength of Character.


So true, right?

Therefore, I have lived in a family who gave me so much freedom that I could have easily done wrong.

I could be a gangsta, right now...
Drug Dealer or Social Escort...

I could be in jail for beating someone up...
Coughing up blood or Snorting up drugs...

But am I?

No I'm not.

I choose to live my life without regrets. And I tell myself that in everything I do, make sure I do it right... and be guilt-free.

I will not think that I'm ugly... becuz I'm such a nice person it's hard to be ugly. And as I have shamelessly stated in my previous blog entries... ... Wit, Charm & Sex Appeal... are all you need to get thru life. Nobody is born with these 3 oh-so-impt qualities... but you can definately train yourself to have it.

... be confident... be self-assured... and be yourself. No point always trying to please other people and neglecting to praise yourself once in a while.

But of course... like they say... too much confidence is arrogance.

And well... i AM arrogant... hahahahahahha...

I am the best amongst the rest. Bow down and kiss my feet, you peasants!


... so TAKE THAT!!!

*posts a chio bu picture of myself*