Friday, April 14, 2006


Please... somebody enlighten me.

It's like... humans are really not as great as we all hope to be.

Some people are just better at deceiving than others... they make you think that they're such wonderful people... then *poof* they disappear... they don't call... they don't write... and they definately will not miss you as much as you miss them.

And then there are those people who only think about themselves... and they blow hot and cold. They make you think they are really nice and caring... then all of the sudden, you look deeper and they seem to only think about themselves.

The funniest kind has to be those who criticize others. It's like when you get this pimple on your nose... these kind of people just HAVE to... HAVEEEE to point it out and say it aloud... like, "Aiyoooo... you have a pimple on your nose... it's so red and juicy!"... and they make you more self-conscious than you already are. I mean.. COME ON... you never see pimple before, is it?! You think I dunno that there is a giantantic pimple on my nose, is it??? You think I'm BLIND???

Same for those who say it in your face, "you are so skinny/fat/short". You think Moses Lim doesn't know he is FAT meh??? But must you say it out aloud in front of him?? You're just showing how dumb you are. It's like I have really long hair up to my waist... then one day, my hair is only till my shoulders... and you ask, "you cut your hair, is it?".

... *looks at you*...

"No... it fell off."

And why do people get into relationships and then they don't put in the effort? You like somebody... you want to be with them... but you don't spend enough time with them... and the relationship just dies off. Why does this even happen? Explain.

I also wonder about those people who plays with your mind. Mind games are dangerous. They make you think of all sorts of stuff... and then you feel insecure of yourself... and they make you feel unsure of all the events that are happening... and they make you lose your appetite and your sleep... they make you think of them every single moment... and they leave you alone to do it by yourself. This is the kind of people I hate most.

Do these people take PLEASURE in other people's pain & suffering?

Are they normal??

Or should they just die & rot in hell... nahhhhhhhhhhh... we don't wish for that to happen to them... but at least, we can just tell them to leave us alone.. and go away to play those games on their own.

... Bloody Psychos....